First Opportunities

For married couples with young children.

Infants and toddlers have a large capacity to assimilate and respond to their surroundings, making the daily realities encountered in family life a natural starting point to promote learning and to begin developing some basic habits.

Knowledge in the formation of a child's character is important and parents need to start early.

As children mature, develop their personalities, and reach the age of reason, the focus of parents should be to guide the growth in human virtues. The unique family setting in the home is the ideal place for this training.

These early good habits (virtues) become the foundation for all the virtues that children will need in later childhood and adolescence.

Course objectives

  • To provide parents with practical knowledge of childhood development
  • To encourage parents to use this knowledge to promote optimal psychological, developmental, intellectual, and cultural growth in their children.
  • To foster better communication between husband and wife while increasing family unity.
  • To promote interaction and friendship among families.


  1. Key Aspects of Child Development
  2. Heredity and Temperament
  3. Will and Discipline
  4. Use of Authority in Childhood
  5. Communication within Marriage; Time for Each Other
  6. Religious Education of the Child

A course might not cover all listed topics.

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