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How does the course work?
1. Each participant reads the case study independently.
2. The case is discussed with your spouse.
3. The couple meets with a small group composed of 4-5 other couples with a team leader couple for 1 hour at a place and time agreed upon by the small group team.
4. The couple attends a 2 and 1/2 hours GENERAL SESSION with all couples participating in the course with a trained moderator.
For whom are these courses designed?
It is for stable and committed married couples who want to strengthen and enrich their married and family life. A Student is a married couple-both husband and wife enroll and attend the course together.
What are the objectives of these courses?
To make the role of spouses more professional. These courses provide them with the knowledge and tools needed for greater marital happiness and family harmony.
What do these courses consist of?
These courses are based on the case study method. Couples come together twice: first, in a small group to analyze real cases (provided) in detail, and then again with all the course participants led by a trained moderator.
How long do these courses last?
The length of each course varies according to the number of cases in the particular course (7 to 9 months).
What is required to take these courses?
A commitment from both the husband and wife to attend the sessions.
Who provides these courses?
Family Enrichment of the San Francisco Bay Area provides the IFFD/Family Enrichment USA courses in the SF Bay Area.
Where do these courses originate?
These courses were developed by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD). IFFD is a non governmental, independent and non-profit federation set up to promote and support initiatives to strengthen marriage and the family.
What is Family Enrichment?
Family Enrichment is designed to help parents educate their children and improve their personal and marital development. It is based on a participatory methodology–the case method designed to enhance parents’ educational and decision-making skills regarding their children and their own marital relations, revitalizing their vision of their own marriage and family so that they can prepare all their family members to become free responsible citizens. The Matrimonial Love course is one of the later courses developed by IFFD. IFFD has been conducting Family Enrichment Courses since 1978. These courses are the fundamental tool used to achieve the marriage and family objectives.
What is Family Enrichment/IFFD?
International Federation for Family Development.

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